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plain naan
Made by refined flour


garlic naan
Garlic stuffed naan


cheese & garlic naan
Naan stuffed with cheese and garlic


peshawari naan
Naan stuffed with dried fruits, nuts and coconut

Garlic & Chillie Naan
Garlic & Chillie topped

keema naan NEW
Naan stuffed with lamb mince


Chicken kulcha
Naan stuffed with chicken


paneer kulcha
Naan stuffed with cottage cheese


onion kulcha
Naan stuffed with chopped onion


garlic & potato kulcha
Naan stuffed with garlic and potato


Wholemeal flour bread


chocolate naan NEW
Naan stuffed with chocolate


gluten free bread (ROTI) NEW
Gluten free bread

plain rice
jeera / peas pulao
biriyani (chicken / lamb / beef )   $16.00
Vegetarian biriyani   $16

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